Thursday, October 04, 2007

Roger enrico - The other side blinked

I had picked the book on cola wars written by CEO of pepsi himself - Roger Enrico. Books on corporates and organisation is something thats always interest me. This book added to my convinction that i love reading about corporate world.

This book talks about cola wars between coke and pepsi in entire 1900 era. Although the views may be biased more towards pepsi yet it is nice read. Roger starts the story with his career start. He stresses on mentorship he received from his seniors. It was nice to read that upper management guys also think like me :-) (or I think like them). The view point which is common is that people who make their view point expressed, discusses pros and cons of all ideas and don't feel dejected when their ideas are dropped make good team. Great team leader doesn't need yes yes people but they need people who have true values and are honest when making a view point.
The book can be great read for anyone trying to know about branding and advertising. At one point someone may wonder if soft drink companies make any drink or just advertise. But yes Ads have big impact on consumers. Roger talks in detail about Michael jackson ads in pepsi and how celcebraties were lined up for ads. This advertisement business remined me of hoardings put up in Pune by Coke 'We have moved on 2th floor". On top of this pepsi put their hoarding as "We made them move to 2nd". I had this picture but not able to find it. (If you have it just mail me on He also talked in detail about coke introducing new coke formula and later going back to "classic" coke. This point stresses how CEOs and brand ambassdors have to be on top of news to turn the tables. Apart from adversiting world, the book also talks about relationship of bottlers in soft drink and distributions.

I think my next read would be coke story by zyman "The end of marketting as we know it all"

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