Monday, September 03, 2007

Producer/Sponsers needed to support my Idea

TV shows on songs and dance have become quite popular. Now is the time to explore new concepts. Storytelling is age old talent and art which people love. Ad industry has already realised the importance of storytelling and use it widely in their Ads.

I am looking for team to make storytelling show. I am sure this would be a good hit. We have seen talent hunt shows going around for choreographers (dance shows), playback singers, directors, food chefs. Its time for scriptwriters, Ad film maker to showcase there talent. These are creative people who can understand mass thinking and there appeal. I am inviting entries for budding storytellers to The show would be in Hindi

Any pointers on how to reach out to producers. I can make detail plans and strongly beleive this would kick off nicely.

Beautiful sets, creative use of objects can make storytelling more fun. This art is needed by school teachers as well to interest their students.

Any sponserers for promoting the idea of storytelling!!!


Nahush said...

i too want to be part of this

Ashish said...

The idea sounds great, you did better patent the same and have a copyright on it. We could be co-partners in it :-)