Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Daimler Chyrsler Story

The book "Taken for a ride - How Daimler Benz drove off with Chrysler' by bill vlasic and bradley a. stertz is so interesting that on finishing this book, I felt like writing a review after long time. The book talks about automaker industry and how Dailmer Chrysler merger happened. The starting point of the book is Kirk Kerkorian episode in history of Chrysler. He was a major private equity owner of Chrsyler stocks and announced his plans to buy out the company. The entire episode is captured like a nail biting story. It seems it all started with communication gap between two people and entire episode instead of becoming a beautiful path became nightmare. This laid the back bone of the book nicely. Later the author touched on Chryslers struggle to grow their international market on their own.
Books like this and HP story give a glimpse at how critical decisions are taken in boardroom.
After this an attempt is made by Mercedes and Chrysler group to explore feasibility of merger. This part of the book actually highlighted the divide at the upper level in Chryslers. Then in the book is introduced dynamic Daimler’s Jurgen Schrempp. The way he is portrayed makes you feel he is real leader. He is one step ahead in planning, works hard and parties harder. The way author has captured his inner plans behind each move (whether true or not) makes you feel that yes this is how you can makes others follow the path that you see.
The authors seemed biased against Chrysler CEO Bob Eaton. It was portrayed that he never stood on a decision or took and leadership role. I am doubtful that a person with such weak stance taking attitude can run a company for so many years. Emotional CEO may not be weak in action.
Culture differences during the merger process are brought out quite evidently. The book made me think about true human factor again. Industries can be merged but can people be?


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