Sunday, February 19, 2006

Parting time !!! - Touching moments

After 4 years I said good bye to Infosys. I never imagined it will be so emotionally touching moment. It was not because of love for company but because of love of fellow people. In past I had changed a project after 1.5 yrs and had same feeling. Leaving ACAS project was also touching. Team mates gave me greeting card ( I still have it !!), gift and touching speeches. I had made comments on most of them and in return got great opinions from many.

This time again I wrote small but valuable things about team mates which I felt touched me. I was overwhelmed when they spoke high about me. May be part of it was because at parting everyone talks good. Its old joke that if you stay with the company they will highlight your weak points and cause problem in appraisal. Once someone quits, everyone talks big about him and portray him to be 'the' employee :-). I had same feeling but somewhere I felt most of them spoke truth :-). Feel good factor about myself , you see. All qualities were highlighted by some live incident. As I was getting close to parting moment I was getting a feeling that I would be missing my friends a lot. Few of my close friends had arranged for pizza party. Party started by giving me gift which I know is real useful to me. Then biggies started talking about me. Then it was my friends who started narrating incidents and refreshing old memories of good times we had together. People highlighted the first impression or old image they had about me and how they found me different ;0). It's touching when people speak about you. I did gather few points which I should improve on and I am sure friends will help me in improving on them.

Greatest surprise to me was client giving me card and gift coupon. I had just spent few months with the client. They wrote emails to me and shared personal email IDs. I had written about them as what quality in them impressed me the most. I was really happy to receive replies from them. On gosh..Touching moments.

Now fun part. My flight was on Saturday noon. I was at airport 1.5 hour before. My friends were there at the airport with me. We were having photography sessions and chit chatting. We waited till last moment and I left some 30 minute before for security check and all. Then there long queue for security check. Boarding point was far off and I had to walk long and take subway and again walk. End result - I missed the flight. I returned to my Seattle house to spend another day with old pals. :-)

Finally I made to CT.


Nidhi said...

hi shobhit
so now when u ve finally left seattle i think u should change ur lacation in this blog ;-)

Rahul said...


This is news! Imean your quitting, where are you working now?