Friday, February 10, 2006

Talkative Man - R.K. Narayan

Today I finished reading Talkative Man by R K Narayan. As ususal author wrote in simple and flowing way. Story moves at good pace. Its about a person living in Malgudi who happens to meet a foreigner from Timbuctoo. TMs interaction with foreigner, station master, village folks is very interesting. The way author described station master's agony in trying to remove person from Timbuctoo from waiting room is great. Our foreigner started by three piece suit but towards end of novel came down to shirt and pant. Our foreigner in a seminar announced that world is doomed to end in year 3000 AD. After hearing his reasoning and description of doom women seemed to have fainted. I was laughing on reading this.

Somehow I was not really ready to digest the abrupt ending. The concept that Dr Rann from Timbuctoo was fraud and had cheated many women was strange. Even RK wrote in post script that he found the story not moving after 166 pages. I thought a lot about what more I wanted to read from the story. I think I wanted to read that TM in our story was wrong in judging the person. I wished to read Dr Rann was genuine. Ah I wish all incidents and stories in world had happy ending. More on the book at

I have read 'Bachelor of arts' by same author and found that much more interesting. The style in which thoughts of boy is captured in this book is great. Boys struggle to build business, or find love, or follow girl all are described very nicely.

Now I am thinking which is the next book I should pick up.

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Basav said...

Read a night at call center.... gives u a perspective on the 'call center' thinking...keep reading buddy... its keeps u sane:)