Monday, May 01, 2006

Conwall rafting - April'06

Pyaar ki kashti mein, lehron ki masti mein,
Pawan ke shor shor mein, chale hum zor zor mein..

Huff Huff...Puh Puh..this was our state; tired,and exhausted; after 3 hours of rafting. 22-April-2006, Saturday, was decided to be spent in water doing rafting. All planning was done, cars booked, excitement packaged, energy preserved and enthusiam bottled.

After many months I had seen 6:30 am on Saturday. Normally Saturday morning happens at noon ;-). After having quick breakfast I was all set to pickup my friends and start the trip to west cornwall. Pontiac Vibe was rented for the trip. This was March 2006 car which had run only for 1500 miles. Was it fun to drive the car? O yeah! I was driving 90 mph easily on it. So following the route CT-4 we reached clarke outdoors in 1.5 hrs.

After reaching clarke outdoors we got ourselves dressed up in rain jacket, life jacket and gloves.

Rafting was first time experience for all of us.

There were many who did not know swimming. But hey swimming is not at all necessary for rafting. Even a swimmer cannot swim in rough water :-). So we were given quick KT by Bill, our coach. For non-software programmer KT = Knowledge tranfer...oh yes we IT guys mix work and personal life. So here we are are learning strategies from the guru.

As in work life, we are set to dive into the new task with basic idea. In teams of three we were all set to race among ourselves on water.

Shiv, Deepak, Vinod and I were in one boat. We learnt the art of rowing, turning left and right quickly. We started rowing quickly to race ahead of all. But Magesh, Chandru and Suresh were fast enough to be defeated. First 1.5 miles was smooth and we mistook rafting to be simple task. We had the first experience of slight rough water and enjoyed it thoroughly. When raft twisted left and right in wild water we were screaming with excitement. There were many people standing in cold water and fishing. After this came the tough path. There were many rocks just submerged in water in the path. Our raft got stuck in rocks. At runtime strategies were made and implemented to get into flowing water again. Shiv and I had to get into water and clear the raft of rocks many times.

Now lets talk about climax of rafting. We were told by instructor that we will see an island on right side in 3/4th of path. After 2 to 2.5 hrs we were desperately looking for island. We had to motivate each other to row more. Finally we saw the island. After gathering last drops of energy we rowed to reach the destination. We had lost all the energy and were feeling cold. Vinod was shouting to us "bas ho gaya yaaro, see thats the end point, come on row fast". And yes we finally reached the destination and ran into the van. The heater in van was feeling real good.

Finally we drove back, had a good dinner in udipi resturant. Hot water bath at home and sound sleep was all we needed.


Ranganath said...

:) good one.. you folks sure had a juicy carrot(udipi restaurant) at the end of the long stick(your rafting sojourn).
Good writing dude.

Vishal said...

kewl man, quite and experience I must say. Keep blogging...

Anonymous said...

jhoothe...tune bataya ki 2 ladkiyan thi..ismein to ek bhi nahi hai

Deepak S Takalkar said...

oh so addition to the adventures of Saxena.. Now I am confident that you have learnt the tactics of writing so you should start some serious writing dude :-)

Anonymous said...

cool man... good to know abt your rafting experience... TC

Basav said...

hmmm... good one!!.. keep up the travelling and exploring spirit.

Anonymous said...

Sahi mein yaar.. koob majha baarsh mein :)

Bloggerman said...

very nice! Perhaps I should try rafting some time, perhaps I should wait till the water gets hot or maybe try it out in my bath tub... he he he, I am the PJ master!