Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Universal studio and Sea world trip details

My long trip began on Friday, 18-Nov-2005. The trip was planned to last till Sunday, 27-Nov-2005. Yes, it’s been long time since I went for such long tour. My first destination was LA – Las Angeles. I reached there by flight at night. I met old friend of mine, Nahush, at airport. Hey, Hey, we were supposed to meet there, it wasn’t surprise kind of meeting. So here I am in LA, for second time.

The trip begins by our visit to Universal studio – A beautiful place to see sets of big Hollywood movies. I could see cities of New York, Europe, Railway Station flooded river at one place. The best part was live demonstration of film making. They actually showed how a person can be made to look smaller then cat. Do you remember Ed Murphy in nutty professor? They showed us how Ed Murphy could play multiple roles in nutty professor. I think same technique was used for multiple roles of Govinda in ‘Hadh kar di aapne’. How sound is added into already shot movie was demonstrated to us. Site of plane crash was so realistic that even with my simple digital camera someone would think, I had been to place to capture the photo.

A beautiful area was developed as snow covered area. Note it was bright sunny day and no snow was there elsewhere. Even then photo below gives image of snow covered area.

There is Mummy ride, kingdom of dinosaurs and much more to do. It was evening and park closing time. On our way out I sat on bull (not real one but robotic which turns, jumps as badly as real one). I tried it two times and made good sitting on top it. I cannot tell you now where all it pained next day.

Next day we were all set to go to Sea world in San Diego. Shamu, a killer whale, is most famous across US in sea world ( Its amazing to see killer whale, dolphins dancing to human music. Fishes were jumping, throwing water on audience at instructors command. Many were giving small fish to Dolphin and they were eating from our hands. It was really unique experience.

Next I was surprised to see Penguin’s here in US. They had maintained closed area where temperature maintained was zero degrees Celsius. We could see big colonies of penguin walking, swimming in water.

How can I miss describing cars I drove while describing trips in US. Universal studio and Sea world was covered in friends own car – a Hyundai. We had great music to keep our spirits high. We had great food in evening at some good restaurant. There are many more days of trips left and many photos to share with all.

Keep waiting for more mails from my side on this space. Hopefully I should be able to describe all 9 days in this year itself. See again I have set tight deadlines for myself. I am left with only 9 days to finish this task.

My buddy Nahush has been ahead in blogging though delayed in publishing. Read more stories of our trip in

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rajnish said...

Jiyo mere lal peele hare mein kuch ho na ho..haan blogger jaroor acche ban jaoge...jaldi jaldi kaam karo aur baki ka trip log khatam karo...jagte raho...jagte raho...
sabba khair....


saili said...

Hi Shobhit,

Saili here. Nice blog. I was surprised that anyone would actually make efforts to keep a blog. Most of all, nice to see u in the snaps. Been a really long time since I saw any of the vesit 2001 faces...

Keep well

Vidin D C said...

hey Shobit,
Remember me?
How are you?Not heard from u since long time.
Nice to see you playing with Dolphins and visiting Universal Studios.
Do call me when you come to India.
I will email you my mobile number.
I am still in Mumbai.

Vidin D C