Saturday, December 17, 2005


I wake up in morning with a miss call from my brother. Its a signal for me to logon to my yahoo and start chatting. Ditto, I do that. I logon to yahoo and start talking with them. Yes! I talk with my brother and parents over yahoo messenger. So nice feeling. Then I see my friends start calling them. We have long converstions and gala time as if I am face to face with them.

I love playing chess and used to miss partners. For ignorant chess cannot be played alone and I am not that good that I can play with blue supercomputer. Now I just logon to yahoo and enjoy the game.

Ten years past no one would have imgained anything like this. As school kid I had never thought that world would be so small. I used to get astonised by pen friends concept itself. Now we have email friends. Being in touch, getting to know about others, knowing about the world has become so easy. So what should I expect in wordl when I grow older? Will be able to find another another earth? Will people start travlling to moon as if someone is going to paris or autralia. Cars I am sure would be running on solar energy. Dependency on coal and petroleum is bound to reduce to minimal. So many things can happen differently. Who knows what lies for us in future.

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