Thursday, December 29, 2005

Astrology, Palmistry - Is it science

Astrology, palmistry are these scientific subjects? I hear people saying a lot, I don't believe in palmistry, Astrological predictions are all fake. I say that at times. These are fun to discuss subjects. Belief in the subject if they motivate you, or shun the thought as absurd if it is not motivating.

But I am taking side of these subjects not being scientific? I guess yes I am. But I also believe in observation science. Over the years you have studied a pattern and then generalize them as a concept. So we accepted the fact that sun rises from east. It was after observing the sun rise from same direction, day after day. So why not accept facts put by palmistry as close to being good. Astrology is an ancient subject. So its history is older than modern day science.

There may be crooks, who try to make money out of ignorance of common man. But then we have crooks using modern day science as well.

So should we start believing in astrological predictions? I would say don't ask questions like will I succeed or not when looking at predictions. Use them to know generic talent, qualities of people like you and use it for your benefit. Belief is the key word and you should belief in yourself in whatever you do.

Lets see what the world thinks of such subjects.

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