Tuesday, February 26, 2008

People's habit

There are some so many things which we tend to follow without thinking or logic.

Most of you would have stood in elevator ( Lift apni bhasa mein). Have you noticed that everyone stands facing towards the door. If the elevator has floor numbers, most people will try watching them. Some may say that it is to get ready to get out of elevator. But who asked us to be ready and get out of elevator quickly? Try standing reverse in elevator and you will see all eyes staring at you.

I have noticed many times while car driving that when I cross another car I tend to see the driver in other car. Same thing is done by the other car driver and for split second we exchange glances. I wonder why we tend to do this. This is not only to check the girl in other car. This is general reaction I guess. Could it be that I want to check how safe the other driver might me?


Ashish said...

Good observation!!

As for the lift I guess its due to avoid glancing into someone directly - like for e.g. facing someone.

For the car, my guess is how dare he / she pass me. Its an indication of a confrontation.

Ashu said...

Another thing i have noticed, speciall with the locals here where i live is the following hinglish:

I could not able to do something.

I always am intriqued by this sentence and i believe its a strange way to say. Maybe a better way to say this is : I was not able to do. Or even I could not do ....

Well well english is a strange language and everyone has their own way to saying it.

Anonymous said...

I know that you check other cars for beautiful girls :-D