Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jodha Jalal - Love and Beliefs

The storyline selected for launch on Valentine day was good. Whether its true or not is immaterial but the budding of romance after marriage between Jodha and Akbar was handled nicely. But everything else was unnecessary and ridiculous.

All action sequence deserves below average rating. Panipat and all fights had bad cinematogrpahy and made one laugh.We get inspired by hollywood so much but i wonder why he missed movies like 300 and troy. They have nerve chilling fight sequences. Fight of Jalal(Hrithik) and elephant was laughable and did not show any strength on raja. The fight towards end between Hrithik and his brother-in-law has left too much room for improvement.

Without friends being aroung, it would have been tough to spend 3.2 hrs in cinema hall. Jodha's father takes marriage proposal to akbar (jalal) as some political settlement....humne awaaz ho toh dikhayo...chatting kar sakte hain kya :)

The scenes between Jodha and Akbar do leave a good impression. Jodha cooks vegeterian food for her husband. She is humiliated in front of entire rajshaba when she is asked to taste the food to ensure its not poisoned. I was wondering what will happen next and then came the punch line by script writer - Akbar saying that he will eat from same vessel that was used by Jodha.

Sword fight between Hrithik and Aish were able to capture the emotion nicely. The importance of scene was to showcase culminating love between two. This came out nicely. If one tries to see the sword fight critically they will find that Aish was not able to make nice moves.

Songs did not make one stick to the seat. Infact I feel many songs could have made background chores allowing the movie to move forward. Jodha's brothers character was important in the story and could have been made to look more strong.

Overall the movie is not recommended looking at the complete package. Remove the fights and songs and watch scenes between lover boy and lover girl!! I wish the theme of movie could have been twisted to inter-religion marriage and giving message Love Rulz!!

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