Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ta Ra Rum Pum - TaTa Run Pan

After watching the movie the title doesn't hold any ground. What tune "ta ra rum pum" sends out which is in sync with the movie. Editor seems to have made no homework. All good will happen by itself. A Tire crew member will become Car racer simply, hero and heroine falls in love simply, car racer becomes star in one day simply, marriage against parents will happen simply, one race turns the whole life towards doom simply, manager decides to support hero simply and in 2 days life again makes a turn. No ground work was done to make storyline convincing. I don't think the whole movie was to give messages like "bongs are hot" - ya ya (I know they are)save money for future.

By now you should have taken the point home, that movie is not that great. Its not gripping. You are not anxious to know what the director wants to show next because you know what will happen next. Nascar racing could have been made gripping. Instead of showing 3-4 races of 5 min each, single race could have been shown with more drama.

I liked the different style approach couple takes when director showed the family became poor. The way couple keeps their children happy, tells them rosy stories is also good style. Apart of these scenes none other scene is worth remembering.

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Ankss said...


Becum a taxi driver n then opportunities will come towards U ( hehhehahha)
pt. to remember from the movie:-

1. Need galfrnd .... drive a taxi along wd a gal n then dont pay the xtra money for brekin her itenaries!!
After somedays she ll approach u for the money bt u may consider it as " YE LADKI MERE PICHE HATH DHOOKAR PADI HAI "hehhehhe

2. Dont eat BURGERS .... indian food is well n good

3. The last n imp. dont bcum the bakra to get the xtra money from the customer to pay the school fee
otherwise MAMU pakad lega yaar ...... or accident ho gayega as TYAXI NO 9211 me bhiu yehi hua tha !!!!! hehhehaha

This ll b da most weird comment ever read by shobhit