Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Google Story - Book review

I have been reading "The Google story" by David A Vise and Mark Malseed for last few days.
The reason I picked up the book is my interest in google, google founders and curiosity to read about the hottest techonology company in this internet age. The book is well written and grips attention till last page. I had to find time amidst all hectic work to read and finish the book as soon as I could.

The book and story is inspiring to anyone. The grit determination of Page and Brin, The google founders, is well captured by the author. The way two students from Stanford met, made friendship, tied together to work on a concept and took it to great heights is worth reading. Their dedication and wish to make world a better place for all is seen till today. "Do No Evil" is their motto. The way two founders extended campus setup to workplace is worth reading. I hear googleplex is worth spending time and weekends there. People need personal space after hectic work; give them the space at workplace itself. I can feel that people work and relax at the same place - googleplex. The best way to build team is to allow them to spend quality time in company of each other.

Brin and Page created pathways for others to follow. They believe in themselves and stick to it to this day. Reading about figures of revenue generated by sponsored links (Advertisements in cliche) is astonishing. The idea of sponsored link seems so obvious and beneficial to end-user. Get the Ad for what you are searching at right moment.

Success of google also shows you need to have right mentors behind you. The VCs turned out to be major support in making google a true corporate and ensuring it doesn't take backseat.
I would recommend this book for reading to anyone who uses google (which means almost all :-))

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