Monday, October 09, 2006

Beautiful colors of Nature

Among many wonders of nature is fall(season before winter) color in north east America. It seems all trees would have sung song "Muhje rang de Mujhe rang de" to God and he would have given leaves such beautiful colors.

Leave color changes from green to yellow to orange to red and finally they fall off. See the video of colors at this link NH colors

Its such beautiful that every photo taken with this fabulous back drop looks amazing (look at my photo - Hero lagta hoon na :-))

We had been to New Hampshire state. Loon mountain was the first halt. This place has a small river flowing, a gondola (rope way). Loon mountan is around 6000+ ft. At the top of mountain we have some caves. It was fun to go through caves, try rock climbing. Rajneesh and myself actually were stuck at one of the rocks. It was lovely experience (now i can say as we were able to get down safely :0)

A surprise element was that I met Nahush, mohit, mulik over there. I had no idea they were planning to go to NH for fall. So here is the big gang we formed

Below is the link for masti we did on our trip to NH.

We did conway railroad trip. This train ride was bad one. Matheran rail (mini rail that we have in Matheran) is much better and fun.

We were planning to go driving for Mt Washington but somehow the energy level droped and we made return journey to home sweet home.

More photos can be at on my yahoo photos

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