Monday, July 10, 2006

Aasmaan se giri, jameen pe utre

Everyone would hate a fall. Be it a fall into pot-hole, fall of stock market, fall on ground. But I really enjoyed fall from the sky. Free fall from 13000 feet to 4000 feet and then on parachut, was lifetime experience.

I had waited for long to try sky diving. We went on May-31-2006 to sky dive. The climate was good at afternoon when we reached there. But when our turn came climate showed real colors. It became cloudy. Funskydive team tried 2-3times to decide if we could sky dive. We had to come back home without diving on that day. One of my friend, Vaibhav goel, did jump on that day. Rajneesh and I were determined to sky dive and made booking for next week.

Next time we went there in morning. Our turn was supposed to come in afternoon. Climate was good there and it was not hot. It was fun to lay down on grass and just talk different things. A day out - thats what I titled my day. It was windy that day and our pilot was not ready to take flight. We had to again come back on that day.

We reached there again on July-08-2006. This time everyone at skydive school knew us. We had become kind of notorious there that we bring bad weather with us. But this was the D-day for skydiving. Rajneesh and myself were all geared up. Sky looked clear and climate soothing enough. The ride by the airplane was bumpy. I had not imagined such small plave accomodating 6-8 people. But there we were at 13000 feet. One fellow person jumped off the plane with any warnings or preparition. That was scary. Next it was my turn to jump off the plane. I tried to hold it and get used the climate. But I was shocked to see myself turning around in air. My first reaction on jumping off the plane was try and grab something. Good they had instructed us to grab the safety belt we were wearing. When we stabalised it was smooth fall. Air speed was so high that I had to apply pressure to move my hands. I was scared to open my mouth, least all air would fill into it :-). Then suddenly there was this jerk. It was jerk of parachut opening. I did try to manuever the parachut a bit.

And finally we made a perfect landing.

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Anonymous said...

i like one kind of fall....falling in love