Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 13 - 20 - Enlightenment started happening

I start seeing a pattern just after first week. Second week gave new perspectives, new insight and enlightenment. In past when someone used to tell me that my perspective changed during case discussions, I couldn't fathom on what they mean. Now after having experienced it myself, I can repeat same story to inquisitive minds asking me same question. Good becomes bad and bad becomes good after revelations by professor. They make us walk the journey beautifully and at pace determined by them.

The study load is heavy but each lecture is engaging. We are learning to market dreams and do number crunching at the same time. Overlaps between subjects have become evident in second week itself. Fellow students are setting bars of presentation high and its a motivation to me to step up my effort further and match them. Its not a competition with others but with self to show that I can do same.

I had my first quiz for micro-economics. At last minute it was announced to be open book and we all knew that it will be heavy on subject application. The questions asked were really challenging. It left me pondering if I should develop understanding or gather facts or balance them. Trade off between two has to be made as time is limited commodity.

I also heard that what cannot be measured cannot be improved. It is so true that I cannot improve on something I cannot measure. But can happiness be measured? Can number be put to hug kids give when I used to reach home and be with them? But then again, can I say I want to be more happy or more loved? Some things are what makes us humans, a system. I was also introduced to elephants and cheetahs. I was aware of them but couldn't think of it while reading the case and didn't see it coming in class before professor announced it.

On personal level, I am still getting settled and absorbing the fact that I can see my near and dear ones on video chat alone. I haven't forgotten on extra things I want to do while being in college. I will keep reminding myself of that and work towards it.

Update on March-28-2015 - Life flew by and I couldn't keep up with blogging :)

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