Monday, September 26, 2011

Zorbing - Roll and Bounce downhill

Woww - This was all I could say after our Zorb Ball halted at bottom of downhill.Zorbing seems to be a nice innovation by some crazy person who might have thought of rolling down the hill without hurting himself. A Zorb is a transparent inflatable sphere with an air cushion surrounding it.

A night before, we were playing teen patti till 3am in the morning. On day of Zorbing, we were supposed to get started by 11am and we barely managed to wake up at 11am. So you know how late were running. Amidst frantic call conferencing between PK, Swapnil, Rajnish and me, we decided to save time by fast tracking lunch. We searched for Pizza hut on the way and placed order online. It was in between our house in MIddletown and Zorbing place in Woodbury, CT. After having good pizza we reached the site location by 3:30pm :). On talking with the receptionist I managed to get a deal from her on summer tubing. I am sure she must have later thought that she gave double deal. There regular rate of summer tubing was $10 per person for 2 rides. She could have very well said that in same price take unlimited rides. But she gave double deal , 3 people free ride and unlimited ride. So this was good start.PK, Swapnil, Rajnish and I tried convinving the ladies to try Zorb. But united they stood and all declined as a group. Women power - rocks - we had to step down and agree with four of us doing Zorbing. When I was strapped in safety belts inside the Zorb, it gave a nice secure feeling. I was expecting simple rolling motion. But within few seconds of being release from the holding harness, we experienced a bouncing motion. Swapnil and I were being tossed up and down while the ball was going downhill. We were shouting partly in excitement and partly in fear. What if the ball jumps over the sides and rolls on the road? Finally the Zorb stopped and were elated to step out..PK cut another deal and got more rides for Zorb. PK and I went for second ride. This time it was more bouncy (may be PK's weight added more to it :)). One of the safety belt broke loose for PK and he shouted more while holding onto his hands. It's scary to imagine someone without any harness inside the Zorb and bouncing in wild way. Scary ...scary..friends make sure your safety belt is secured.

Next it was tubing. Who might have thought that a sport done in winter on snow can be done during peak summer in scorching heat. All of had multiple rounds of tubing on slow and fast track. Fast track had steep fall towards the beginning which made everyone scream. Best was Ridit and Ishi also sat along with Monica and Reema and had their first experience of Tubing. When they grow old, I am going to tell them that their first tubing was organised by me :). 
The group - Left to Right - Ridit, Swapnil, PK, Rajnish and me
Ishi, Monica, Reema, Sushmita and Meri Biwi :)

We did summer tubing and Zorbing at

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Ankita said...

Your excursion seemed enthralling to me,, and am overtook by the aesthetics of capturing even the slightest detail,, more likely in a humorous manner.. And jiju,, yet again you have influenced me (by your blog)and now I'll too try writing one of mine.. :)