Saturday, August 28, 2010

RakshaBhandhan 2010

Indian festivals give a reason to meet with family and friends. Unlike once a year event like Thanks giving in US, Indian festivals come frequently and target different relatives. Being far our from India has reduced festivity to making phone calls and celebrating the function all alone at home.

But nevertheless, I still love them. My Rashmi Didi had sent Rakhi like every other year. She had sent bandhani for Garima. Garima and I religiously took a bath in morning and did pooja and wore the Rakhi

My Rakhi was sweet and stylish as you can see from the picture
Garima had also made Mehandi design on her hand a night before.

In office my indian colleagues were surprised to see Rakhi reaching on time to me and me wearing it. Coincidently no non Indian asked me about it. Last year my client had asked me about it and I had explained about the Rakhi festival and how it adds respect for sister in mind of brothers.

Love the indian festivals and miss celebrating them.

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